An Inspired Past

Originally built in the 1940s for English actress Gladys Cooper, the Highland House has long been the site of momentous occasions. Perhaps the most notable moment in history occurred when 2nd owner, broadway legend Oscar Hammerstein II, wrote the lyrics to “The Sound of Music” theme song from the Highland House terrace. Hammerstein and his wife Dorothy purchased the estate as their personal retreat from the fast-paced New York scene. They spent many an evening entertaining famous friends and relaxing to the glorious scenery and tropical breeze. As you take in the same view of the hills and the Caribbean Sea beyond, it’s easy to imagine Hammerstein writing “The Sound of Music” lyrics that reflect the magical beauty.

Oscar Hammerstein

A New Era

These theatrical roots continue to add a mood of enchantment to the villa, now owned by Brenda Isaac of Atlanta. In April 2000, Ms. Isaac began extensive renovations to preserve the magnificent history while updating the estate with the latest amenities. Leading a team of well-known artists and premiere interior designers, Ms. Isaac carried out her vision to create a series of charming environments woven together with a theme of elegant comfort. The décor reflects the island’s Colonial British Indian heritage, incorporating carefully selected artwork, mahogany tables, collectables, and imported antiques. Much of Dorothy Hammerstein’s period furniture remains, as does her husband’s spirit of creativity. As a result, today’s Highland House is all the more spectacular – the culmination of refined beauty, artistic influence, and modern luxury.